macOS Mojave dynamic wallpaper

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Download this custom built macOS Mojave dynamic wallpaper and enjoy pictures of Earth from DSCOVR spacecraft on the day of September 22nd and 23rd around the September equinox of 2018 which was at 1:54 AM UTC on September 23rd.

Preview of the macOS Mojave dynamic wallpaper

This wallpaper is prepared for the American Pacific time zone, so if you're not in the North American west coast you'd see the Earth not that well synced with your time. Please let us know if you want a separate version of this wallpaper synced with your time zone.

Ever since I've tried to write the macOS app to download satellite photos of Earth and set it as wallpaper, I've noticed that the macOS API which allows apps to dynamically change the wallpaper doesn't work well for Macs with multiple monitors. But it should still work well for any Macs with a single monitor so go give it a try if this is the case:

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