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The Clicker is an app that simulates clicks on your screen.

Next Launch

Never miss any rocket launches! Next Launch is a minimalistic menu bar app that shows you when the next rocket launch would be. If you click on the Next Launch menu item, it'll


Having a hard time reading a string of JSON or XML in one line from one of your log files? ClipFormat is a menubar app that monitors your Mac's clipboard. Once you copy

Music Remote

You can play your music stored on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch from messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Telegram or even from Twitter DMs. Install Music Remote on your iPhone, iPad or

Instant Camera Roll

Instant Camera Roll is an app that shares your camera roll in your smartphone with your Mac with a single QR code scan. Watch it in action! Download and install Mac app from

Near-Realtime Earth Wallpaper on your Mac

There's a satellite named DSCOVR hovering a million miles up in the sky looking down on Earth, and takes a snapshot of Earth every once in a while. And those pictures are amazingly